Effective Action for Communities

ASB Action Ltd is committed to effective action for our clients and the communities they serve.

We have a body of real and relevant experience in work to stop anti-social behaviour. We provide consistent and successful outcomes.

Whilst we have national recognition for our work so far, we are always motivated by the job ahead. We enjoy our work enormously – and most particularly we enjoy working with colleagues who are actively engaged in services to protect their communities and to develop and sustain their own organisation's reputation as a key stakeholder and community champion.

Our motivating belief is that, in this field of work, establishing and sustaining a good reputation will be your most cost-effective achievement, adding confidence and authority to your staff's earliest interventions and to their contacts with both witnesses and perpetrators. We believe that we can make our combined experience work for you so as to add substantial value to your service profile.

At the core of our own common-sense service vision is client satisfaction through successful casework, effective community engagement and value for money.

ASB Action Ltd has two Company Directors, Bill Pitt MBE and Gary Woodward who between them have over 56 years of experience, 20 of which has been spent exclusively on tackling anti-social behaviour.

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Bill Pitt MBE

Gary Woodward

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