Tackling Anti-social Behaviour

Senior Management Support and Training on Anti-social Behaviour

We provide a dedicated service to develop your own approach to tackling crime and nuisance in and around your housing stock.

We will provide critical friend support to senior managers in developing and delivering policy and procedure reviews. We will deliver bespoke training packages, which reflect directly both best practice and the requirements of your own management team.

Senior management support

We will meet with you to establish with you the range of any current concerns and the span of action necessary to address these.

We will be available to review and advise on any major impacts on your organization: new legislation; important case law; reviews of formal complaints against your organization; judicial reviews; responses to ombudsman enquiries.

We will review and, as directed by you, revise, refresh or rewrite policies and procedures to ensure that your organization is operating within the best practice possible.

Anti-social Behaviour Training

We will deliver training sessions that are based entirely in "real case" management, referencing our own day to day work in this field and ensuring that it reflects the reality of the demands on front line staff.

Our previous extensive work in this area suggests that the most effective training is detailed, reflective of the client's own policies and procedure, participative, based in examples of real cases (for which we can draw on both our own and the trainees' experience) and delivered to groups not significantly larger than 10 people. Larger groups tend to result in non-participation; smaller groups in more involvement, better engagement of participants and significantly more productive outcomes.

As an example, an effective programme will cover:

- Practical case management:

  • receipt of complaint,
  • record keeping
  • the engagement and support of witnesses to understand the necessity of providing detailed diary quality evidence,
  • the development and testing of evidence with sensible and simple stages of investigation,
  • working with other agencies to secure and verify evidence,
  • judgement as to the credibility of the evidence and the appropriate and proportionate action to prevent repetition of any evidenced anti-social behaviour,
  • acting urgently to support seriously vulnerable witnesses and those targeted by hate behaviour,
  • challenging perpetrators appropriately on the basis of established evidence
  • supporting witnesses at Court and ensuring that they understand outcomes,
  • managing orders secured in Court to ensure that they are practically effective, particularly if they are breached
  • managing witnesses' expectations of action at every stage of case development.

- The function of the client's policies and procedures and the practical implications of these for its staff

- The tools and powers available to you and how staff can decide on the best use of these
. This part of the programme should also address Equality Act issues with particular reference to dealing with mental health and the capacity of individuals to comply with Court orders.

We suggest that this block of training would best take place over 2 days. The first would concentrate on best practice in case management and the second on both the implications of policies and procedures and also the tools and powers available to you to tackle anti-social behaviour.

- We also are available to run local case management workshops and can tailor these around local management priorities.

Please give us a call to speak to us about our training and support programmes.

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