Gary Woodward

In this field, you will not find anyone with more experience and success in understanding and tackling cases of anti-social behaviour and crime blighting social housing.


Gary worked for Manchester City Council for 23 years. His professional background is in housing management and he was Head of the Council's Anti-Social Behaviour Action Team, which secured more than 6,500 legal actions in all parts of that City to protect communities from harmful behaviour. This was in the context of over 30,000 referred cases, the majority of which were successfully resolved without the need for legal action.

Gary has worked as a member of the Government's Respect Task Force, as an Expert Practitioner, delivering presentations focused on providing practical support and advice on casework to front line services and their managers. He is currently providing support to Clients around the Country to help successfully develop their own competence and confidence in this area of work. Gary is now widely recognised as the Country's leading practitioner in ASB case management.

Gary has direct experience of the management and delivery of both specialist and generic services working to tackle anti-social behaviour and understands the value of and challenges to each and also the funding challenges which organizations face in protecting their communities. His clear view, that action to assist the community is always possible, has now inspired many service providers across the Country to move forward successfully on seemingly intractable cases. His informed and enthusiastic support for service managers has provided them with an opportunity to review and refresh their own service models to the benefit of their wider organizations and that of their local community safety partnerships.

Social Housing Management

Gary's approach to clients is that of a very sympathetic critical friend and casework companion. His ability to cut to clear good judgement in investigations, with speed and accuracy, combined with his solid housing management background, has repeatedly saved clients thousands of pounds in individual cases whilst assuring successful case outcomes for them and for their tenants and residents. Gary has also supported lawyers to develop, in them, a more realistic comprehension of the impacts of ant-social behaviour on witnesses and the necessity of achieving fast and successful turnaround of those cases which do need legal action, to deliver outcomes which very specifically meet the expressed needs.

Gary can rapidly identify and make clear the strengths and weaknesses of clients. He will do this for you through a sharp and incisive examination of your current practice in specific cases. What you will get back will be the simple steps you need to set your organization on the road to confidence and success in case management.

Re your cases going wrong or endlessly unresolved. Are you involved in protracted legal casework with no obvious outcome other than mounting costs? Are you being harassed by complainants dissatisfied with your responses?

Gary can provide the clarity and insight you need to move you organization forward to secure solid success in evidence based action to challenge and contain perpetrator's behaviour and to secure your authority as landlord and your positive reputation.

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